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In this episode, Nate gets into and breaks down much of the Fellowcraft Degree as well as the Winding Staircase. This show reveals the hidden science of the heart and mind found in Esoteric Freemasonry. The 3-5-7 are the steps of higher learning and critical thought. The principle of Care is hidden and/or forgotten. Plus, most tend to overlook the beauty found within the symbol known as the Square and Compass with the G in the middle. It is very misunderstood. Found within this break-down the student will find much value in the great mystery of the unspoken name.

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In this Episode, Nate welcomes Douglas Martin back on the show to discuss the Tracing Boards of Esoteric Freemasonry along with some retrospect on the SEED 4 Growth event that took place May 2021. Within this discussion Douglas directs the attention onto Ancient Freemasonry up into the modern world and how the Socialist Mindset causes stagnation in human evolution. Among many other topics, we covered some very highly important correspondences regarding the human brain and the poles of Earth.

References: Albert Churchward



In this episode, Nate continues into Esoteric Freemasonry, taking us further into the Occult Science of the Fellowcraft Degree. And in this 2nd degree the student realizes the importance of balance which brings attention to Green Language, The Heart, The Mind, The Cross, The Middle Chamber, The Pyramid, and the Alchemical marriage of the brain hemispheres. This show endeavors to inspire the student to find their true Care and push past and out of the material mindset. The 2nd Degree is a symbolic mirror that helps refine the knowledge of Natural Law as well as helping the student learn how to rule emotion and generate Freedom in the world. This is all about Heart Based Intelligence.

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In this episode Nate makes it back on the CubbyWhole podcast for the first time since 2021; sharing some important updates including: CubbyWhole purpose, new presentations, his new Outcasting show, upcoming conferences, really nice website enhancements and upcoming CubbyWhole episodes.






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In this episode Nate takes us into the depths of the Fellow Craft with regards to what’s known as “Green Language” and the “Language of the Birds.” Both of these languages are highly necessary tools for helping unravel the mysteries including the Ancient Egyptian Mythos. Any serious student will find value within this show as the Keys gained will help further reconnect into the System of Morality. Some of the other topics covered are The Science of the Cult of Osiris within the Zodiac, Bird Attributes, Feather Symbolism, The Solar Mythos, The NTR, The Password, The Solfeggio Scale, Heart Based Intelligence and some Phonetic Breakdowns. Make sure the NOTEPAD IS READY.

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In this episode, Brandon Martin is back on to talk to Nate about Phonetic Law, Etymology, Green Language, Freemasonry, The Trivium, The Convergence Conference Natural Law and Morality. Towards the end of this show Brandon and Nate phonetically breakdown many words and names through Green Language to help not only show the process but to also expose the critical occult importance that the words hold within them. This information is vital for the student who wishes to find clarity in what cannot be typically known.

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In this episode Nate continues the exploration into the 2nd Degree of Esoteric Freemasonry. The topics covered are The Second Degree Tracing Board, Natural Law, The Working Tools, Corn and Waterfall Symbolism, Osiris, Occult Anatomy, The Parochet Curtain, The Fisher King Myth and much more! This information is all about the science of the internal journey of the hero that has been lost, hidden and forgotten.

Shattering The Illusion Conference

End Of Slavery Summit

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In this episode Nate introduces some really interesting allegorical breakdowns of Darwin’s Human Evolution Theory, Marriage and UFO’s, Aliens, ET’s, Grays and Flying Saucers. This show endeavors to unveil some critical points about Allegorical correspondence, Origins, Evolution in Consciousness, The Internal Union, The Human Brain and much more!

Nate’s new presentation, “Aim for Freedom”

The End Of Slavery Summit

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