Nate Kap’s Magnum Opus including ‘Outcasting,’ Presentations, Interviews, CubbyWhole Podcasts and Esoteric Art.



#028 “Allegorical ET”

This short presentation was given by Nate Kap at the Ethereal Arts Bazaar as an attempt to deliver a more crucial and empowering way to view Aliens/ETs/Grays/UFOs rather than only through the lens of literacy. Because of time restrictions this presentation was limited in the breakdown but the ‘Grays’ will be broke down more thoroughly in the following Outcasting episode #29. Keep an Eye out!


#027 “The Spire Ritual of Xmas”

This is a special presentation i put together and gave at the Ethereal Arts Bazaar event at The End of the Universe Lounge in Boise, ID on December 10th, 2023. In this presentation I reveal an ancient symbolic aspect to Christmas that will help us further understand the Solar and Stellar cycle in correspondence to our internal spiritual journey. Let this be a revealing Gift for you and others; a gift from nature that I put into a short presentation form. And please note that i was only allotted 20 minutes and there was no way to really dive deeply into this subject. For more information on this topic you may visit and listen to the podcast in order to really get the bigger picture understanding.



This presentation was given at the Ethereal Arts Bazaar event in Boise, ID. In this presentation Nate makes his way back in front of the in-house crowd after 5 years to talk about Principles, Etymology, Spirituality, Symbolism and Truth Discovery.



In this episode Nate covers two huge conferences coming up in June and September 2023 regarding History, Consciousness, Symbolism, Mystery Traditions, Natural Law, Truth, Freedom and much more! He also shares his presentations he’ll be giving at both of these conferences.



In this short episode Nate goes for another round of “River Talk” where he explains one of the biggest reasons for the suffering taking place in our world.



In this episode Nate breaks down the word Ignorance and Nescience as well as covering the human behavior in what he calls the “Trivium of Ignorance.”



In this episode Nate gives another “River Talk” to share some helpful advice/reminders on how to raise our frequency and become more in tune with Truth. The layers of ignorance, egoic lies and manipulation run deep. So what are we going to do about it?



In this episode Nate further explains Spirituality and how it is the science of Morality. He also shows some simple graphs that help us understand Truth Vs Perception and how they can be aligned.























In this episode Nate further explains the Circled Dot symbol, putting a finer point on differentiating between the pure form of the symbol and what other symbols it later became through history. The Circled Dot is a very valuable symbol to learn and understand for the seeker of Truth. Nate helps put forth the simplicity of this symbol through the understanding of principles and important aspects associated with the Circled Dot.


In this episode Nate expands on the Circled Dot as well as explaining why most refuse Truth.


In this episode Nate describes what he believes is the major reason most do not go all the way in their research towards Truth. The topics within this show are Natural Law, Moral Law, Moral Relativism and Truth Discovery.


In this episode Nate briefly gives an introduction to Natural Law and how it defers from man’s man-made laws. This show endeavors to help the serious student trying to understand the point of going all the way in the pursuit of Truth. Stay tuned for the followup episode where Objective Morality is introduced as well as learning what a Wrong-doing is in order to understand A Right. If one truly wishes to find The Major Solution to the problems we are all facing as a species then giving time and attention to this type of information is a necessity.


In this episode Nate explains the actual foundational science of Objective Morality and Natural Law. A major question we should all contemplate on is HOW and Why we are able to learn lessons in reality? And is Morality just relative and based in what most of us agree it is, or is there really a true objective science of Morality that we can know and understand and align to? This information requires a serious contemplation for anyone who wants to learn the Truth and see positive results in our world. This information is part of the major solution to our rapid mental, emotional and physical enslavement. Hopefully you make the discovery you’re in search for.


In this episode Nate further refines the science of Natural Law and Objective morality as well as explaining the “Great Reset” Opposition. This show is mostly for those who may have trouble understanding the concept of Natural Law and how it operates. The more time and attention we give to this knowledge the more we will understand how valuable it truly is. Keep questioning and studying!


In this episode Nate explains how many people make the claim to know and understand Morality and Natural Law, but are they truly being honest?


In this episode Nate covers some crucial points regarding Belief; how we typically use it, what words are synonymous with it, how we can change our biology through belief, where belief has no power and another major disease that is held in place by belief.



In this episode Nate directs the attention to the one major BELIEF of beliefs that is keeping humanity from becoming sovereign and moving in the direction of Freedom. He gives a brief yet important breakdown of moral Relativism and how it has consumed the majority of the minds of the masses to the point of unimaginable separation within.



In this episode Nate describes what he calls The Spire Path which consists of two ancient symbols being the Point within the Circle and the Spiral. He draws the attention to the alignment of the Spiral which will help one understand the direction of consciousness by the choice of being Morally aligned to what is Fixed in Nature. These Two symbols in conjunction with each other will help the student find an unfoldment of Truth if one is ready.


‘Outcasting’ is a new solo show put together by Nate Kap; sharing ‘bits of science towards freedom’ aka important and critical knowledge explained in a short amount of time in hopes that it inspires others to go further in their studies and help create a more free and moral world. The topics shared on this show consist of but are not limited to Human Behavior, Natural Law, The Occult, Esotericism, Anthropology, The Ancient Egyptian Mythos, Symbolism, The Mystery Traditions, Astro-Theology, Green Language, Words and Definitions, Principles, Slavery, The Science of Freedom, Consciousness and much more. These shows can be found here, Rumble, Odysee and for now. Stay tuned for more!


Nate gives a short explanation of his new show, explaining the subtitle ‘Bits of Science Towards Freedom.’ In this episode he covers the word science, knowledge, the science of Freedom and a brief example of the ruling elite that have and are dominating most human minds of this world.


In this episode, Nate helps clarify the terms “Shoshin” and “Self Omniscience.” He explains the true open mind and the opposing highly dismissive attitude. Both descriptions are very important to observe and understand as the student of life.


In this episode, Nate talks about the dynamic of Spirituality and how it plays an important part of the evolution in the human species as well as the painful reality it can and will reveal. Honesty is a hard lesson for most and it is what helps the student face the hardest parts of the apocalypse.


In this episode, Nate attempts to help bring more clarity to the meaning of “That Which Is” aka Truth. A simple yet highly misunderstood concept that will help any serious student on their path towards a more luminous mind and essentially Freedom.


In this episode, Nate shares the Truth Discovery Method known as the Trivium. He breaks down the 3 Trivium models including the Classical, Esoteric and Modern. Anyone who is on their quest to discover Truth will find great value with this Spiritual Tool.


In this episode Nate gives a very basic breakdown of the Quadrivium; Truth Discovery Method which is part of the 7 Liberal Arts. He gives an etymological definition as well as covering the 5 senses that bridge the Trivium and Quadrivium in order to help further discover Truth.


In this episode Nate explains the importance of being clear with words and definitions, especially when delivering critical information of Freedom. He also covers the way in which certain words are used to confuse us from seeing the Truth and how important it is to be aware of this type of manipulation. Words like Apocalypse, Anarchy and Occult are some of the words explained which are very critical to understand for anyone searching for Truth.


In this video, Nate discusses the correlations and correspondences of the Trivium process with the symbol of the equilateral triangle with the eye in the middle. This episode endeavors to help the student connect some very deep aspects of all that ties into the spiritual number 3 or equilateral triangle symbol. How far does this sacred science go? And what does it really reveal about our reality? Some of the topics talked about are the illuminati, consciousness, trivium, gender principle, triune brain, symbolism, correspondence, spirituality and much more.


​​In this episode, Nate describes his week long dopamine detox and how it helped motivate and focus his mind better. He also gives a brief description of the logo of Outcasting as well as what Outcasting means. There are a few updates for this show and the future of the CubbyWhole podcast, so stay on the lookout for more content!​


​​In this episode Nate shares some very helpful knowledge for the seeker who wishes to learn how to find and understand Truth through symbol by comparing similar symbols that have been discovered and used throughout history. The intent of this show is to inspire the viewer to see the general shape/form and meaning to be able to then discover the simple and pure essence of a symbol, especially the “Circled Dot.”






Esoteric Art



These are a collection of Nate’s artistic esoteric expressions. They are a type of spirit ignited sacred science with encoded analogs for the subconscious EYE that reflect what’s taking place in our world. These pieces are archetypal creations with the intent to expand consciousness within and around the Self in which it operates. Art combined with occult knowledge has the potential to accelerate the student’s ability to SEE into the hidden realm that words may not be able demonstrate. Much can be revealed to those who ruminate on these images with the intent to want to know and understand.








Presentation given at the SEED 5 Metamorphosis conference on September 24th, 2023. In this video, Nate breaks down “Tracing,” Masonic Tracing Boards, Esoteric Freemasonry, Sacred Geometry, Mental Orientation, Mental Disorientation, Alchemy, Spiritual Bridge Masonry, Stellar Mythos, Horus, Set, Shu, The Great Pyramids, Destruction of the Sacred Feminine, Egyptian String Trick, Ma’at, and the #7. This presentation is to help the student reorient the spiritual connection to the Earth which helps bring about more equilibrium and thus more sovereignty.
Day 1(part 1) –
Day 1(part 2) –
Day 2(part 1) –
Day 2(part 2) –
For more on Earth Brain 2 The Sacred Trace please visit

Download slides for EB2 The Sacred Trace




The Oculus presentation deals with the most central of all Light. The topics are: Circled Dot/Point within a Circle, Oculus, Cone, Pole, Symbolism, Natural Law, Objective Morality, The Occult, Spiral, Spirituality, Truth, Trivium, Art of Distilling, Ancient Egyptian Mythos This presentation was given by Nate Kap on 6-24-23 at The Trivium FUNL 3 conference; a free online 2 day conference featuring a wide variety of speakers and artists on the topics of Natural Law, First Principles, Self Care, Freedom, Consciousness, and Spirituality. FUNL 3 TRIVUM Day 1 –  Day 2 

Download slides for Oculus


Nate gave his presentation “Relumination of the Imagination” over a Zoom webinar at the S.E.E.D. 4 Growth conference, May 15th, 2021. Many people may not be familiar with the unseen realm of the universe and the many important beautiful discoveries made there. Amongst us is that very place in which he has found highly intriguing and inspiring, especially knowing how to navigate and connect within it. This presentation endeavors to guide the viewer’s imagination into a realm that grants an intelligent scientific reflection and unfoldment of the human soul. It’s very condensed and he will have a fuller demonstration in future CubbyWhole podcasts. The goal of this presentation is to restore, regenerate and/or reluminate the ancient wisdom of the imagination back into the hearts of man and help inspire the restoration of the great sciences that have been lost from Ancient Egypt.


This presentation, “Earth Brain And The Corresponding Symbolism” was given live in Rutland, Ohio at the “SEED 3-Sprout” event in Skatopia. The topics covered are: Consciousness, Symbolism, Hermeticism, Cymatics,  Freemasonry, Astrotheology, Earth Brain Religions, Subversive Symbolism,  Polarization Dialectics,  Hero Cults, The Gavel, The Cube, The Circled Dot and much more. The mission of this presentation is to help serious students who seek to understand the dialectics that control and ultimately have been separating humanity for thousands of years. If one brings enough knowledge and understanding, one will reveal some of the deepest roots in the cosmos and ultimately have the key to understanding higher degrees of origins and evolution of religion.


Nate Kap’s webcast presentation titled “Rising Up Right; A Higher Direction” is a followup demonstration to his first presentation, “Rising Up Right.” He decided to put a finer point on a few topics that he felt are very important in order to understand the collective condition humanity currently finds itself in. Nate Kap covers Natural Law, the Moral Compass, the Triune Brain, Consciousness, Base Desires, Green Language, Toxic Frequencies, Symptoms, Causes, Trends, Contradictions, Order-followers, Sacred Feminine, Apathetic Selfies, 2nd Amendment, Sacred Animals, Environmentalism, Justifications, B12, Social Anxiety, Lab Meat, important Solutions and much more. All critical things to understand, especially how they interact with each other both within and around us.


This is a (shortened version) live presentation on the de-coding of the 2016 movie, Doctor Strange(slides only) that Nate gave at the S.E.E.D. 2 Germinate event in Rutland, Ohio at Skatopia on May, 6th 2017. He gave a very deep esoteric and conscious breakdown of the many allegories within this story while covering the brain components, symbolism, color, hero journey, rituals, synchromysticism, inner work, Will, ego, and many other aspects. The partial goal of putting this lecture together was in the hopes that he can reach those who want to understand depths of hidden esoteric sign language within cinema. He hopes that this presentation inspires you and helps you see further into the important mysteries. Watching and listening to the whole presentation is the only way to find true value. 


This is a short presentation by Nate Kap, on the breakdown and understanding of the basic allegories within this artistic piece of sacred science called the “Entered Apprentice” of the “Temple of Solomon.”  This presentation breaks down the sacred feminine and sacred masculine principles within this trestle/tracing board and how they can be brought together in unison by bringing balance and equilibrium into our minds and hearts through understanding and acting on this sacred science. Some of the key points covered are The Pillars, The Geometers Tools, Jacob’s Ladder,  The Checkerboard Floor, consciousness and more.



This presentation is a short esoteric breakdown called “Flooreyed.” This “Flooreyed” art was created by Nate with the purpose of showing green language or word play that reveals an archetypal current condition of humanity. It’s a way of showing what the state of humanity seems to be in as an expression that came from understanding Freemasonry in conjunction with the actual effects of fluoride on the human psyche. Prerequisites to understanding this piece are; behaviors and components of the brain, The seven Hermetic principles of Natural Law, Generative principle, pillars of the 1st degree trestle/tracing board of the Temple of Solomon(freemasonry), the Pineal Gland(third Eye), fluoride side effects, Green Language, Allegory, Consciousness, Symbolism, Sign language(not hand gestures).


In this video, Nate talks about the 3 major beliefs that are holding most of humanity back in consciousness towards further enslavement.










I was recently invited to join Logan Hart on the Wizard Factory to begin the esoteric dive into one of the most powerful and profound mysteries regarding the Cycles, Ritual, Eschatology and Myth of Osiris. The “pieces” of Truth are scattered, fragmented, compartmentalized, ignored and waiting for you to journey and gather. Hopefully this show inspires the seeker to investigate this great mystery much further.


Nate was invited on Crypt Rick’s “I’ve Been Thinking” show to talk about his new Oculus presentation, Symbolism, Subversive Symbolism, The Circled Dot and much more. It was a really great show and we hope that you will find value here.


“Green Language – Symbols, Words, & The Language of the Birds”

Recently, Nate had the pleasure of being invited onto The Wizard Factory podcast with Logan Hart to cover two synonymous occult languages that are useful spiritual technologies for uncovering some very important mysteries, modern and ancient. It  was a fun and jam packed episode.
Symbolism, Natural Law, Morality, phonetics, Osiris, Solar Mythos, The Zodiac, NTR, Freemasonry are also among the topics covered. Hopefully this information inspires you to see this beautiful magic laced in our reality.


watch here

Nate was invited by David Eaton Edwards to do a video podcast regarding the New Thought Movement and The Kybalion (The Hermetic Principles). They talked about and debated these topics, and David made some interesting and thought provoking points especially about a couple of the principles (he claims are not principles at all). He makes it clear of the connections of the Kybalion to the New Thought movement which is important to be aware of.
Nate also have issues with the Kybalion and makes the point that the Hermetic principles really are just mental/spiritual technologies used to unravel the mysteries of self in all esoteric systems.


In this episode on February 3rd, 2023, Nate was invited back on to the Libercast and explains the depths of the “Point Within The Circle” AKA “The Circled Dot.” He covers many of the important aspects associate with this symbol and explains the evolution from the Stellar Mythos up into the present day as well as how this symbol can be used in conjunction with the Sacred Spiral to help us further understand Freedom and Natural Law.


On January 13th, 2023 Nate was invited on the new show, “Dissolving The Divide” with Leslie Powers and Derek Bartolacelli to converse about the science of the left and right hemospheres of the brain, consciousness, Freemasonry, Symbolism, Green language, Academical Wedding, Triune Brain and much more! This is and will definitely be a great show to follow considering the title of the show is one of the biggest solutions to human slavery. Go check them out!


This was an interview/presentation titled “Aim for Freedom” by Nate Kap given at The End Of Slavery Summit” in 2022, through the web, run by Cory Endrulat. This presentation was given for the purpose to help the student learn  how to think and see a symbolic direction towards Truth and Freedom. If one truly wants to find Freedom there must be an Aim.


In this episode Nate was interviewed by Francesco Sani, covering what Freemasonry is and what it is not as well as the Great Work, the Lost Word and breaking down some of the Masonic science within the First Degree tracing board. This is a good introductory into esoteric Freemasonry. Find Francesco’s Great Work here


Nate was invited back on the Critical Introverts show to talk about the Hero Myth including the rise and fall, the zodiac, allegorical movies, the Great Work and many other Hero aspects.


In this LIBERcast Ep:43 Nate was invited on a live show to present much of the foundations of Natural Law. In this episode is discussed the science of Natural Law, Objective Morality, Natural Law Transgressions, Spiritual Detective and Investigator, man’s law, moral relativism, slavery, and Freedom.


In this LIBERcast Ep:40-Table discussion 6, Nate was invited on to talk about all different types of preparedness including Spiritual, mental and physical. Some of the big points covered were the importance of knowledge, passing down knowledge and learning how to learn as well as knowing how to take lives of animals for survival if it came down to it. A great conversation!


In this Critical Introvert episode Nate talks about the divide that continues with the political Left Right Prison schisms.


In this episode Nate was invited on the Critical Introverts show to discuss what it means to be Authentic.


Nate was interviewed by Andres Secovia speaking on Natural/Gods Law, Objective Morality, Religion, Objective Truth and ways in which man can improve on relations with His fellow Brothers and Sisters.


Nate was a co-host on the Critical Introverts Show with guest, Andres Segovia speaking about internal dialectics, Disney movies with subliminal messages, spirituality and making Principles more attractive.


Nate was interviewed on the new ‘The Critical Introverts’ podcast show covering the Rittenhouse Trial, Self-Defense, The Belief in Authority, Mandates, Morality, Firearms and more. November 30th, 2021. 


Nate was interviewed on the new ‘The Critical Introverts’ podcast show covering topics such as mind-control, inward division, individualism vs collectivism, dreams, SJW psychology and more. The title “opinion over knowledge” has to do with the overwhelming mindset of the masses that make their opinion and feelings worth more than knowledge and Truth. Learning about mind-control is the way in which we transcend our dualistic dogmatic beliefs that keep us divided. Recorded June 30th 2021. 

The Critical Introverts link


On Tuesday, April 21st, 2020, Nate was given a really great opertunity to be on the new podcast show called, “I AM HUMAN” with hosts Efro and Gama. This was his first time ever being interviewed about most topics he’s actually passionate about which is Natural Law, Symbolism, Hermeticism, and Inherent Rights. These guys are really great people who are trying to bring important awareness to the veiled world. Please support these guys and check it out!! Their YouTube channel; @iamhuman.t







CubbyWhole Podcast


Nate is the Founder, Host, Editor and Designer of the CubbyWhole Podcast which can be found here.