Brandon Martin’s Magnum Opus






Presentation  2023


Presentation given at the FUNL 3 Trivium conference 2023


This is an in-depth analysis of the first Matrix film; taking a deep dive into the philosophical and allegorical messages.


Presentation by Brandon from S.E.E.D. 4 Growth.


“Fake Ass Punks & What It Means To Be True Rebel.” Topics included are; The Occult, Mind Control, Psychopathology, True Resistance, True Rebel vs. false Rebel,  and Solutions for Real and Positive Change.  Presented and recorded at Skatopia’s SEED 3, by Brandon Martin 2018. 


“An Aggregated Synthesis of Occult Knowledge Pt. 1”  Topics included are; Human Consciousness, Mind Control, Natural Law, and the Occult. Presented and recorded at Skatopia’s SEED 2, by Brandon Martin 2017.


This is the revised and updated version of Brandon’s first presentation, “An Aggregated Synthesis of Occult Knowledge Pt. 2,” with better audio and new slides. Topics included are the Occult mystery traditions, esoteric physiology, archetypes, Freemasonry, and symbolism. Recorded at Skatopia by Brandon Martin 2018. Sorry for the audio quality. But it is well worth the watch, lots of great knowledge!!!






















It is important to understand Cause and Effect so we may start Creating a new paradigm shift. 

You cannot treat symptoms to solve the problem. the government is a symptom of an underlying psychopathology the belief in false “authority” is the Causality of that problem. When we are in symptomatic think we are stuck in a cycle of perpetually creating the same results, it becomes all-consuming. I rarely hear anybody speak about casualty, to understand this all one has to do is listen to their rhetoric it will reveal to you the limitations of their thought processes.

in the IndustryThis is equivalent to giving Band-Aids to a person who is cutting themselves over and over and over, but never touching on the deeper psychological issues that are actually causing the person to cut themselves. Imagine if you lived in a world where everybody had this psychological condition and we mass-produced Band-Aids as the main and only solution…

The causal plane of existence is the Mind. The symptomatic is the effect of the problem which is the physical or manifested condition. We need to make a true paradigm shift by always getting to the root of the problems. The level of causality is where human Consciousness must go to actually create real change for the better. Unfortunately, human consciousness is stuck in the realm of effects today. You cannot treat the symptom and hope to change the causality. We do need to understand the symptoms because they are the necessary pathway to understanding the nature of the causal factor of the problem. We must be very cautious about getting stuck in symptom-think.

There are three main steps to problem-solving. Your treatment will only be effective when applied to the causal factor.

1. Recognize that there is a problem. Fear-based denial of the problem must first be dealt with and conquered.

2. Recognize that symptoms are merely effects of underlying causes. Therefore, instead of simply treating symptoms, make an accurate diagnosis of the causes of the problem. Diagnosis is rooted in the Greek language, Dia; “through; by way of’ gnosis; “knowledge” by way knowledge or through way of knowledge.

3. Through the knowledge and understanding acquired via the accurate diagnosis, take the required ACTION necessary to rectify the causal factors which led to the manifestation of the problem.

“No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.” ~ Albert Einstein

Every Cause has its Effect and every Effect has its Cause. Everything happens according to LAW. Chance is but a name for a Law not recognized. Cause and Effect are separated by time and space or what we perceive as linear time.

If you did a wrong to somebody and immediately you were hit with the negative consequences you may start to connect the causality to the effect. Since we do not immediately see the harm that unfolds onto us from the wrong-doings we do it becomes very difficult for people to see the connect because of the time lag. This is how true Karma works, but it is doesn’t happen on a 1 to 1 ratio like this it is more complicated than that because what is happening is that we experience in the aggregate the wrongs that the human species is conducting on a daily bases which we do not attempt to rectify and stop.

The social engineers of our times want us to be bogged down with all the minutia or trivial details of the condition we are facing because it detracts us from applying our consciousness to the level of causality. The main goal of each Lightworker should always be to get to the fundamental root of the problem and then to apply ACTION to create a change. They use this as a form of emotion mind control to get people disregarding important information base upon how it was said, or how someone is dressed, or because they think they already know it and have no need to hear it again ect… When in the face of people saying things you already know do you emotionally react or do you respect that they have come to that understanding and listen with true care. Do you move into a resentful and condescending attitude towards the person or do you try and build upon what has been said and relate with that person on the topic or the Truth?

I find it relieving when I hear others speaking the Truth that I already know, and they could do it a million times and I still would be so happy about that because I understand what is of critical importance. Of course, I may want to take a break from time to time and not become like a skipping record, but I love listening to my favorite records multiply times so in the context of listening to your favorite music you will always go back and want to hear that album again maybe even multiple times back to back. It is only when the record starts to not have rhythm by skipping would I want to change that album or hell, get to the causality of the problem and fix it.

The plane of Effects (Physical World) This is where manifested realities have formed due to their underlying causes. The plane if effects constitute that which has already occurred. As such, NO power to affect change lies here, because that which has already occurred cannot un-occur; it has become that which IS (Truth). As long as human beings as a whole, remain ignorant of the underlying causes which they themselves have set into motion and which lead to self-inflicted suffering in their lives nothing will change.

The plane of Causality (Mental World) This is where causes are set into motion prior to manifesting as formed realities. This plane of causality Constitutes the causal factors (the WHY) which underlie and precede all manifested things and events. All power to affect change lies on this plane. Human Consciousness must “move” from the plane of effects to the plane of causality in order for us to understand the root causal factors of the conditions which we are collectively manifesting in our lives. Only then will humanity start to see a true change and be able to co-create a positive outcome in our shared reality on a conscious level rather than an unconscious one.