Douglas Martin’s Magnum Opus






The Superior Knowledge of the Ancient Egyptian Elders is a presentation by Douglas Martin.  This presentation is in two parts and the first part was presented live at the SEED Conference Event and discusses Natural Law, Occulted Knowledge, Symbol and Sign Language, Exoteric vs. Esoteric Knowledge and Egyptian Science.  This presentation is packed with critical knowledge necessary for understanding our world today.


This presentation is Part 2 of the presentation given by Douglas Martin, The Superior Knowledge of the Ancient Egyptian Elders, at the first SEED Conference Event and delves deeper into the Egyptian Mysteries and the Evolution of Human Mental Processes and Religious Symbolism, as well as the Origins of the Human Race.   



This presentation explores the ideas of Greek Democracy and the Roman Republic and how these ideas move from Pre-history into Classical History and through the Dark Ages leading all the way up to the French Revolution with an in depth look at this defining historic event.  It is a fascinating look into Human Psychology and behavior and the ideas that shape our world today.


The Origins of Secret Societies is a presentation given at the SEED 3 Conference Event  by Douglas Martin and deals with the Hidden History and Occulted Knowledge surrounding the idea of Secret Societies and their vital purpose through the ancient world and how they function in the world today.  



The Origins of Secret Societies Part 2 – “The Cult of Osiris and the Mingling of the Mythology with the Perfected Eschatology” explores the earliest origins of secret societies while reflecting on Classical History and applies esoteric and comparative anthropology to shed new light on the Renaissance.



The Depravity Of The Socialist Mindset

The Depravity of the Socialist Mindset – A Special Presentation by Douglas Martin deals with the semantical dilemma regarding political terminology and takes an in depth look into the ideology referred as Socialism in all of its forms. This presentation attempts to reveal the dialectical paradigms that are perplexing our “best minds” and brings a wider perspective to gain better insight and understanding to deal with the problems facing our world today. (click on title to watch)