Nate Kap’s Opus


Nate Kap will be giving his presentation titled “Relumination Of The Imagination” at the S.E.E.D. 4 Growth event taking place on ZOOM this May 14th-15th, 2021. This presentation will cover many of the important aspects of the imagination including Solar Science, Hermeticism, Higher Knowledge, Creativity, Symbolism, Vision, Natural Law, Freedom, Consciousness, and much more. This amazing event is FREE on ZOOM and there will be a code given a couple weeks before the date. Stay tuned!


These are a collection of Nate’s artistic esoteric expressions. They are a type of spirit ignited sacred science with encoded analogs for the subconscious EYE that reflect what’s taking place in our world. These pieces are archetypal creations with the intent to expand consciousness within and around the Self in which it operates. Art combined with occult knowledge has the potential to accelerate the student’s ability to SEE into the hidden realm that words may not be able demonstrate. Much can be revealed to those who ruminate on these images with the intent to want to know and understand.


On Tuesday, April 21st, 2020, Nate was given a really great opertunity to be on the new podcast show called, “I AM HUMAN” with the awesome hosts, Efro and Gama. This was his first time ever being interviewed about most topics he’s actually passionate about which is Natural Law, Symbolism, Hermeticism, and Inherent Rights. These guys are really great people who are trying to bring important awareness to the veiled world. Please support these guys and check it out!! Their YouTube channel; 



This presentation, “Earth Brain And The Corresponding Symbolism” was given live in Rutland, Ohio at the SEED 3-Sprout event in Skatopia. The topics covered are: Consciousness, Symbolism, Hermeticism, Cymatics,  Freemasonry, Astrotheology, Earth Brain Religions, Subversive Symbolism,  Polarization Dialectics,  Solar cults, Stellar cults, Lunar cults, The Gavel, The Cube, And The Circled Dot. The mission of this presentation is to help serious students who seek to understand the dialectics that control and ultimately have been separating humanity for thousands of years. If one brings enough knowledge and understanding, one will reveal some of the deepest roots in the cosmos and ultimately have the key to understanding higher degrees of origins and evolution of religion.



Nate Kap’s webcast presentation called “Rising Up Right; A Higher Direction.” This is a followup demonstration to his first presentation, “Rising Up Right.” He decided to put a finer point on a few topics that he felt are very important in order to understand the collective condition humanity currently finds itself in. Nate Kap covers Natural Law, Moral Compass, the Triune Brain, Consciousness, Base Desires, Green Language, Toxic Frequencies, Symptoms, Causes, Trends, Contradictions, Order-followers, Sacred Feminine, Apathetic Selfies, 2nd Amendment, Sacred Animals, Environmentalism, Justifications, B12, Social Anxiety, Lab Meat, and important Solutions. All critical things to understand, especially how they interact with each other both within and around us.



This is a (shortened version) live presentation on the de-coding of the 2016 movie, Doctor Strange(slides only) that Nate gave at the S.E.E.D. 2 Germinate event in Rutland, Ohio at Skatopia on May, 6th 2017. He gave a very deep esoteric and conscious breakdown of the many allegories within this story while covering the brain components, symbolism, color, hero journey, rituals, synchromysticism, inner work, Will, ego, and many other aspects. The partial goal of putting this lecture together was in the hopes that he can reach those who want to understand depths of hidden esoteric sign language within cinema. He hopes that this presentation inspires you and helps you see further into the important mysteries. Watching and listening to the whole presentation is the only way to find true value. 



This is a short presentation by Nate Kap, on the breakdown and understanding of the basic allegories within this artistic piece of sacred science called the “Entered Apprentice” of the “Temple of Solomon” (PART 1) This presentation breaks down the sacred feminine and sacred masculine principles within this trestle/tracing board and how they can be brought together in unison by bringing balance and equilibrium into our minds and hearts. If we want to know the MYstories of ourselves and become balanced in our brains then the pillars are our encyclopedias for life. Some of the key points covered are the pillars, the tools, Jacob’s ladder, the checkerboard floor, and consciousness.



This presentation is a short esoteric breakdown called “Flooreyed.” This “Flooreyed” art was created by Nate with the purpose of showing green language or word play that reveals an archetypal current condition of humanity. It’s a way of showing what the state of humanity seems to be in as an expression that came from understanding Freemasonry in conjunction with the actual effects of fluoride on the human psyche. Prerequisites to understanding this piece are; behaviors and components of the brain, The seven Hermetic principles of Natural Law, Generative principle, pillars of the 1st degree trestle/tracing board of the Temple of Solomon(freemasonry), the Pineal Gland(third Eye), fluoride side effects, Green Language, Allegory, Consciousness, Symbolism, Sign language(not hand gestures).